Ian Drower Outine of Capabilities.

– Experienced in Electronic Design particularly for industrial and extended environmental conditions, including wide temperature and water resistant environments
– Has experience in designing equipment cases using various grades of industrial plastic and fabrication using plastic
– Experienced in creating formed casings using injection moulding techniques
– Designing fault tolerant systems, stand alone and unattended.
– Designing custom software systems that interface a variety of host systems
– Designing unattended, partially attended and fully attended control and data collection systems
– Experienced in overall product specifications, overview

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– Experience in prototyping and initial design testing
– Experienced in electronic multi layer PC board design
– Experienced in using microcomputers and microcontrollers in product design
– Experienced in system software design, producing user interfaces for specific purposes such as data entry
– Experienced in live weighing requirements, eg animals and inflow products.
– Experienced in using state engine approached to run a process that contains a variety of input elements that run concurrently to gather information
– Using weighing processes in open and closed loop feedback control systems
– Weighing vehicles in multi part weighing sessions
– Incorporating data collection and control systems with user interfaces


– Broad understanding of different communication and networking topologies.
– Experienced in running IT related and turnkey installations in industrial and commercial environments
– Using RFID tags, magnetic swipe cards and barcoding as identification elements in a data gathering process, and in security access systems

Personal Skills.

– Trained group facilitator , – Trained and qualified coach and mentor, skilled in personal and small group work
– Trained and qualified coach in business NLP practice
– Experienced at working with operational staff on the job to clearly understand issues, designing improvements to processes and engaging them in the implementation and ongoing improvements.
– Presenting overviews of system connection concepts,


– Experienced in running a small company in project management environment and having it survive, now in 20th year of operation.
– Providing long term support and maintenance agreements
– Maintaining long term connections with customers, most links go back 5 to 15 years.

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