Our objectives are …
To develop and sell systems, based on computer techniques, which help in data collection and control for industrial and production based commercial enterprises.

Our core business has been to provide computer based, custom designed, turn key systems for clients, carefully engineering them around the specific needs for the clients’ application. These have generally concentrated in the weighing industry, involving the management of trucks and bulk product transportation.

The main thrust of the systems is towards efficiency, verification and automation of data collection with emphasis in being able to transfer the data from the point of capture to a remote central processing point. This is achieved by the most effective transmission medium available, internet, LAN, dial-up modem transfer.

The target markets are the bulk transport industries associated with weighbridge data collection systems or transport monitoring applications.

It has the long-term intent is to create a client base of companies where every site is a reference site. At the same time, we establish a long-term relationship with these companies with a firm commitment to immediate and effective service. To this end we also act as consultants with project management facilities to the companies we provide systems to.

The `available resource’ is the project engineering experience gained in the meat freezing works industry, the dairy industry, the forestry industry and the cement industry, providing turn-key projects in all of these. Also, a background in electronic engineering in product development and experience in the telecommunication industry is available. Company experience also includes design for adverse environments, project management. This includes total design ideas for products and systems, and the use of programmable controllers such PLCs and Computers.

In using these resources, the direction of the company has been set with the following guidelines. – To maintain a professional image, with an emphasis on reputation, service and reliability, and responsibility to existing clients. – To market our company on the basis of reference site and superior operational performance. – To create a software resource for custom solutions. – Any products with a potential for mass resale will normally be passed on to other companies for sale under licence. Total sale of a product is within the scope of this activity.

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