Our background is …
ID Systems (NZ) Ltd was incorporated in April 1992, by Ian Drower and Roger Dunn. Formerly known as Identification Development Systems (incorporated in December 1986, by Ian Drower), it was formed to develop and market custom type computer based systems for use in the industrial data collection market.

The original Identification Development Systems Ltd company was formed as a division by Ian Drower within another company when a custom development `turn-key’ project was taken on for a Dairy Company. This demanded considerable further development due to its success, and became a product in its own right. The division ended up catering for many applications in data collection systems, mainly in vehicle weighing and product identification areas, and was sold to Ian Drower because the diversity of these applications differed from its core business role of electronic product development and manufacture.

Identification Development Systems Ltd was formed, using as its basis, the systems and products developed in the `Custom Computer Applications Division’ of Actronics Systems Ltd. All the rights and licences to these products were purchased from the company.

With the incorporation of ID Systems (NZ) Ltd it has expanded to ensure better service to the customer. It has also extended the total experience available for the development and maintenance of systems.

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