Financial benefits of our systems …
Our general aim has always been to get payback within the first year of operation for the full system. Some examples follow

Cheese Weight Monitor and Control

– Used to monitor and weigh 20Kg blocks of curd in cheese production.
– Cost to install, typically $120,000.
– Saved $350,000 to $500,000 per annum in lost product per site, and reduced re-processing by 5%

Dairy Transport Monitoring System

– Cost to install, typically $85,000, excluding weighbridges
– Used to check weigh trucks on arrival back at site after collecting milk from farms. Gave a real time picture of milk flow during the day and helped schedule trucks for maximum efficiency and loading. Affects time of arrival on site so unloading backlogs do not occur.
– Capable of handling up to 80 weighings per hour, frequently doing 900 weighings (450 gross and tare) in a 24 hour period.
– Allowed pre-selection of milk mix by fat/protein ratios that created 12% increase in yield for cheese plant, about $5000 per week.

Forestry Data Collection System.

– Cost to install, $6500 per site
– In use now for 20 years (probably one of the longest for a computer system).
– Provides accurate data entry for bush docket data, reducing error rate from 40% to 5% before getting to invoicing system.
– Many of these benefits are intangible ie don’t have a measurable cost benefit, but the downstream effects are substantial. The escalating costs for not having it could easily reach $2000 per day.

2 Responses to Benefits

  1. Ian Harrex says:

    I am installing two weighbridges end to end for weighing logs arriving at a Road to Rail transfer site in the Wanganui area. I need a software system to provide RFID of individual trucks/trailers. Our Indicators are manufactured by Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co Ltd. with Zemic load cells. Is your software compatible with theirs?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ian
    If the indicators run a continuous serial output, we can configure them input to parse and read the weights. Most indicators have a number of selectable outputs.. usually not a problem.

    Could email you separately to talk about your application.

    Ian Drower

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