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Our company is a developer and supplier of systems for weighbridge data collection applications and for access and security systems. We also develop software for these turnkey operations. The company has been operating for more than 20 years under the “IDS” banner.

Our core business has been to provide computer based, custom designed, turn key systems for clients, carefully engineering them around the specific needs for the clients’ application. These have generally concentrated in the weighing industry, involving the management of trucks and bulk product transportation.

IDS has assisted a number of industries to automate their data collection operations in the Cement, Forestry and Dairying Industries. We have considerable experience in a range of industries where data collection and data transfer to and from remote locations is required.

Based on system development over a number years, ID Systems has a sound understanding of the application of RFID to a wide range of data collection and process control. This experience has been extended to access control for buildings and a number of other related operations where a record of who has entered or used a facility.


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  1. Andrew Arts says:

    Ian , how have you got on for supply of 50 Motorola ID cards for the Kerri door system installed at the Matamata RSA ?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Andrew, Have emailed replies to you separately

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